Drycha Hamadreth

I do like a big model, what’s not to love about a naked ghost haunting an animated tree full of bees with an unpronounceable name?

Painting the honeycomb was easy using the guide from Warhammertv, I think it looks really good.

Also, a female model which makes a change!

Here she is,



Kurnoth Hunters

Ahh time for some nice chilled tree models. Leaves, bark and names that are a total nightmare to type!

These things also have an annoying faction name…

A nice bit of blue to contrast the natural look of these chaps go go tree friends!


Ironskull’s Boyz

More Warhammer underworlds with the orrucks.

I really like the way the yellow turned out, super bright, I’m not really sure why a fantasy race famed for being grotty walk into battle looking like day glow bananas I guess its err realm magic flow something stuff.

Fun models to paint and I’m really tempted to do more.


Steelheart’s Champions

Warhammer underworlds was released and it seemed like a good excuse to try out some other factions.

I had always wanted to try out a “gold”, armoured model so this seemed an excellent place try it out.

Good models and it does tempt me into painting some more stormcast eternals.


Farseer Skyrunner

The final model in the eldar start collecting box set.

Wanted him to have a slightly more ornate bike and make him stand out from my other bikers. I gave him a yellow front cone with some blue stripes. Freehand fun here! It’s pretty basic but i think it’s ok at breaking up the front cone.

Here he is


Roboute Guilliman

This was a lovely model to paint, turns out gold then blue is a pretty chilled way to paint this.

In the end it’s another ultramarine, i guess the biggest ultramarine, so 5 pictures is what he gets! Rawr!

Also no helmet because, no helmet is cool!

Slightly drunk Friday post posted!



I had to get one…

So its a really big guardian?

This took a while to paint, somewhat tricky due to large amounts of yellow.

Not my smoothest yellow but think it worked out in the end.

Sigh, i should really get a bigger light box 🙂

Eldar Autarch

Another winged model! It’s like i really liked painting this sort of wing… Tbh i should get more models with wings…

So this is model is everything i learned about painting my Iyanden scheme and i wanted to add a flash sword, i have never attempted this effect before and I’m pretty happy with the results.

The theme for this model is “posh guardian” so everything is like one of my guardians except added white for the cloak and more lyanden themed wings.

Here he is !