Leek and Potato Soup

I was never a fan of canned soup, so a while ago i decided to learn to make soup!

This is the additional “Stuff” part of the blog!

So here is Ug’s simple leek and potato soup recipe.

Things you will need

  • Big Pot
  • Hand Blender

Food you will need:


  • 4 med pealed potato rough chopped.
  • 2-3 leeks sliced.
  • 2 Onions rough chopped.
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 pint of milk.
  • 1.2l Vegetable stock
  • A chunk of butter (marg,  whatever)

Ok get all you stuff prepared, and then do the following

Fry Onions for 5 mins


Throw all the other stuff in, bring to boil and then simmer for 30 mins.


hand blend and add salt and pepper to taste


Eat, you can also freeze it for later as well!



So that’s my simple soup recipe!




Space Marine Captain

I’m not 100% sure about the order i painted stuff in my SM army … I will take a guess, i had painted a bunch of tactical marines so i think i was in hq mode.

Having a thing for cloaks i painted one of these.


 and the cloak


Oh this was also a “stubble head” mixing lamium medium with some eshin grey for that shaved head look.


Not the best picture but it works as effect.




Drop Pod

As i painted this stuff back in 7th edition my dread needed a drop pod to travel in style.

Got this at the same time as my rhino and its was a horror show to paint, everything 5 times!!! arrrgh

Still here it is.


Closed! you can see my first edge highlights 🙂


I also said to myself i was not gonna crazy on the inside … yeah failed there.


Hazard Stripes, used pencil to mark the lines then hand painted it.


And deployed on the carpet!  just noticed that a forgot to weather it, after painting it i did not have the heart to .  Still might go back and sort that out and post that later.

Anyhow that’s me drop pod.



So i had a tactical squad painted, so gotta have wheels!

A rhino was the next thing so here he is


Painted the same way as i did my dread but on  a bigger scale.


First attempt at some “freehand” the arrow on the side and top were done by me making a template out of card then drawing it on with pencil.  think it came out alright


I do like painting imperial vehicles.

Still i managed to post again!



Terminator Captain

Arrgh so slack, story of my life!

Right term captain

First face and first red cloak.

term cpt1

term capt2

Also managed a tiny hazard strip on the sword.  He seems to have picked up some fluff as well, still pretty pleased with my first HQ.

Think i was to scared of messing up the cloak to do the trim, I have no such fear anymore! still he looks alright!

Anyhow that another post done, gonna follow up with err some more ultramarines.

Not sure what was next but I’ll find something


Marine Sargent

Well this chap was a couple of firsts for me (i think).


I painted a red thing (that was not a purity seal)

And i think that was my first attempt at some “cloth”, also note the the off centre transfer on the banner ^^ love power fists and this was my first.



Venerable Dreadnought

So with the tactical marines done i i had the choice of the terminator captain or the dread, ofc i picked the dread!

So i took all the things i knew what to do so far and did this.


The only thing i really did “new” on this one was the large flat areas of armour,

They were base coated, dry brushed, washed then i went over the “middle” of the plate with the base paint. you can see it here.

vdread2 (2)

Be be totally honest think i got my light/dark the wrong way round, but when your in a hole best to keep on digging! One thing about painting like this is that it does give some definition with out being too tricky to do.


Bolter Tactical Marine

Bit of a delay with me and my blog, got lazy when i came to space marines and basically forgot the order i painted them however …

I picked ultra marines, the transfers came with the box and to be honest i did want to try more transfers (after my Necron destroyers)

So in the true tradition of learning to paint, i looked up a video on youtube took a trip to the shop to get more paints. after a while this was produced!

So yeah one of my first marines dry brushed please note got the transfers on the wrong shoulders (however i did paint a full tactical squad so some were right by accident)

Also as i’m writing this about a year after i painted these don’t remember which of my 30 tactical marines were painted first, this this dude was one of the first.

I learned to paint blue! and a purity seal.

Any how im back to posting stuff!


Space marines bases

So second army i was going to paint required a new basing scheme.

Decided a muddy field effect would be the thing as i had the paints to paint it and i thought brown would be a nice colour to off set the the models with.

Also decided that i would start using sand, so i got myself a bag of “bird sand”, turns out i already had a bottle of pva glue!

Needed something else for the bases so i also got some Citadel “grass”.

So on to the base, its a layer of Mournfang Brown, and then a high light of Ushabti Bone.  then a few dabs of random pva then the grass, it looks like this when it’s done.


Clearly not a Space marine, but in the end i use this for all my Imperial, models.