Scarab Occult Terminators

Drunk Friday post, these guys!

Cool models, have a happy weekend!



Primaris Inceptors

My first experience with the dreaded new flying stand!

Turns out it’s not so bad, a dry fit to make sure i understood where the stem had to go for a solid connection, a blob of gorilla super glue gel, a bit of a wait while it gets a bit tacky. Then Attaching it and holding the model while the glue sets further.

I then fashioned a makeshift stand so the stem could hang in the correct position while the glue finished setting.

Bit of a fiddle, but just required some patience.

So yeah here they are, some more err ultramarines… 😀


Ultramarines Honour Guard Part 1

Another two part post, due to the fact that the final one is not quite finished yet! Need to put some final touches on him and it will be good to go!

More finecast, had some issues with these, one has a squashed face, the sword guy’s sword is a little tiny bit bent… I like to think he hit something really hard with it… Maybe not.

It’s more ultramarines… did i grow tired of them at any point? (This is still about a year ago in my painting journey). We shall have to see… ^^any how here they are!


Marneus Calgar in terminator armour

It turns out that my blue blending example is taking a bit long than i expected to setup…

So here is old fisty mcgun hands himself, pre Primaris conversion.

It’s a finecast model so it a tiny bit squished but it was pretty fun to paint.

He’s an ultramarine so yeah going to be painted like all my ultramarines.

One thing, it appears i need to dust mylightbox!

I’m happy i got this before it was out of print!


Eldar Blue guide

I did say that i would write a guide to painting the blue i use on my eldar so here it is! It’s not on an eldar, i guess an elf wizard will have to do!

Paints used, Caldor sky, Teclis Blue, Drakenhof Nightshade and Lothern Blue.

You start with a base coat of Caldor Sky

Then add the nightshade

Then i get a blob of Teclis Blue and Lothern blue on the pallet and use the two paints to build up a blend on the model from Teclis blue, through too the Lothern blue at the “lightest” points of the surface so it looks a bit like this

It takes a bit of practice, i did mess this one up a bit, however the camera is a harsh mistress. It looks better in real life (honest).

I also have another tip for an easy way to blend between 2 similar colours. It’s useful if you don’t want to wet blend. I shall do a quick guide to that as my next post as i did use it on the eldar models.


Daemon Prince

The colours of Tzeentch and blue and purple, so I had a go at purple skin… Its not quite how i saw it in my head, but it will do!

The membranes on the wings were going to be green… But during the painting I think the words “joker” were used… So pink membranes won out, the armour plates are painted just like 1k sons armour and I think he looks about right for this army.


Rubric Marines

Being the consistent painter that I am I decided that I wanted to try a new army, I came up with a plan to make a small thousand sons force. I figured that a good starting point would be a troop choice, hence the Rubric Marines.

Oh my, now I like these models but it’s a trim nightmare. I painted them gold all over and then filled in the blue, but it was not a super happy fun time, I think it took 3 weeks to paint these 10 models.

Still I think they came out looking nice I also learned the ways of painting thousand sons power armour!