The final building block to my Necrons the immortals.

i got 10 of them coz why not and yeah they are like warriors with different guns.

Also gold strips on the head because gold is cool …

Only thing i think i learned from this was if i watered down moot green it would settle nicely in the grooves in the gun barrels.


Still with these guys done i was finally ready to move onto new ground.






Well i was closing in on having a decurion formation so looking at the codex a monolith was on the list, so yeah i got me a monolith!

Looked online at some piccys of monoliths and did not see one with gold up the side bits ?

So decided to to go crazy andpaint gold veins on the outside and my standard green drybrush effect.

This paintjob killed my first drybrush and painitng the thing black almost killed my will to live !

I’ve not mentioned before that I undercoat by hand, still do, I like to use the undercoat to get a feel for the model before i start putting colours on it, the feeling i got from this one was … brick.

Still when thrown together think he looks alright!


Green up close


So you can see the front


and finally and over exposed flash one so you can see the green!



More phase blades, came out oki-ish, quite like the shields, funny thing is that these things come with 28mm bases and yeah they are quite top heavy.  So these are my most fall-overly models… still my overlord has a body guard now so he was happy (not so happy with them falling over on the job :))

One day i will get some base extenders and 32mm them up.






Tomb Blades

Think my brother said tomb blades are a cool unit but a pain in the arse, turns out he was right!!

Basic reinforcement of the skills i had learned and practice building a fiddle arse model, more green dry brushing fun and more metal, by this point i was pretty happy painting a necron metal body!

Here is an example in all its annoying glory!




i was looking for a new cool model to paint so that i could practice, so i decided that i would get some destroyers.

Got to play with more green dry brush and this time my first transfers, applied with nervous caution.  read many guides before trying it and i think it worked out ok,  it was not traumatic enough to end my relation ship with transfers.

Also an attempt at a bit of a white head, early days for the white …. i still hate painting white!

However more confidence building with the metal.

So here they are!





The Next thing

Starter Box done, fresh off the blocks and thinking at some point i might actually play 40k I consulted with the internet It said “Get 2 troop choices” so being the brave soul that i am i painted 12 more warriors! (Go go Ug!)

But the twist was … i painted one shoulder, err … gold …


Oki it was time to actually get something i had not painted before!


Start Collecting Necrons Finished

So here is a picture of the finished models all together!

I forgot to mention the Canoptek Scarab Swarms, but they are really not that interesting (poor things i love ya really)

So at the end of doing this i felt like i could paint the following in an ok way

Metal, Green Glowing stuff, Gold and black. Still i felt happy that i had managed to finish a box and was ready to move onto the next thing!



6 Legged Nightmare

The final part of the Start collecting box was the Triarch Stalker, bit of a fiddle to build and this became my first sub assembly paint job. After looking at the model for a long old time settled on the following sub assembly’s.

Legs/body, guns, cockpit and the pilot separate.

For a novice this thing was quite a challenge lots of legs and the green glow/edge highlight.

In the end i settled on dry brushing the edges first with Caliban green, then warpstone glow and a final light brush with Moot green.  Turns out i would be using this quite a lot with my Necrons but this was the first stab at it.


Looking back I’m I can see I was getting the hang of it but I think my lack of confidence  meant that i didn’t really apply enough paint so the effect is a washed out some what and not as bold as i would maybe do today.

The pilot was my next stab at doing some gold, basically used the same technique i used for the gold on my Overlord, Balthasar gold, Agrax Earthshade, Gehenna’s Gold and a Runefang steel edge highlight.


Yeah at this point still a work in progress and I also did not know that in Necron terms “Triarch” basically means you get a white head,  lacking any white paint at this point it was a case of lets move on :).

Still this is the final thing. (hes got a bit of a scratch on the leg, might have been a bit slack with the priming on this one)


As a bit of a footnote I called this a nightmare because i knew it would be a nightmare to photo … i need a bigger light box .


Necron Overlord

I forgot to mention that i had purchased the start collecting Necrons Box so i had a number of models lined up to paint however I digress…

Bold from my experience of painting some Canoptek Scarabs and warriors the next logical step was to have a go at a HQ, and as the title suggests The Necron Overlord was my next target.

Took me something like 10 hours and tbh im still pretty pleased with him.

Here he is!


The first green orb i ever painted and i got some Varnish on that to make it shine, also the first time I tried edge highlighting, yeah first attempt, you live you learn 🙂


Think the cloak was ok … ish, did not have any Riekland skin tone wash to make it a “warm”  copper its more of a dirty copper as i was using Agrax Earthshade.


Necron Warriors

One of my first Necron warriors,  not much to say about it, watched the “how to paint a Necron warrior” video from Games Workshop and Bingo.

necron warrior

Suppose i did discover that I’m not a big fan of black, still not really to this day.

Also Started to learn the fine art of Green Orbs at this point.