Bolter Tactical Marine

Bit of a delay with me and my blog, got lazy when i came to space marines and basically forgot the order i painted them however …

I picked ultra marines, the transfers came with the box and to be honest i did want to try more transfers (after my Necron destroyers)

So in the true tradition of learning to paint, i looked up a video on youtube took a trip to the shop to get more paints. after a while this was produced!

So yeah one of my first marines dry brushed please note got the transfers on the wrong shoulders (however i did paint a full tactical squad so some were right by accident)

Also as i’m writing this about a year after i painted these don’t remember which of my 30 tactical marines were painted first, this this dude was one of the first.

I learned to paint blue! and a purity seal.

Any how im back to posting stuff!



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