Optimus Prime Makeover

I totally forgot I did this!

Last year I wanted to try painting something totally different to what I normally painted.

A friend of mine collects transformers and he offered up combiner wars Battle Core Optimus Prime. I don’t remember the combiner wars but it appears during this war he got painted white!

Ha these are pretty bad photos, I took them for reference so not my best photo work. The brief was “paint him different, i don’t mind what you do”.

So being raised in the 80s i decided to go for a g1 look (yeah i don’t know a great deal about the transformers but i do know that g1 prime was red and white!).

The real challenge with this figure is that’s its a toy… Designed to be transformed (duh). So i had to play about with it, for Ages, work out how to paint the outside and the inside (its all a bit confusing). Which is nothing like any of the models i have painted before (or since).

As i wanted it to be changeable i invested in some varnish, which is something ine not used before to protect it from wear and tear and got craking!

Priming, the legs plus the red were pretty easy and all the inner bits were going to be painted leadbelcher.

Then i hit a snag… I realise I had no idea how to paint the windows…. Why did you have to glass in you? This small problem stopped me for err, about 3 months.

In the end i looked at some cartoon glass painting ideas… Then decided to make something up!

So with that hump overcome i finished him off with wheels,

And a lick of vanish!

And boom (lol, boom it took about 5 months). We have a fully transforming G1 Prime alike!

And robot mode.

I’m pretty pleased with the result and he’s now living with my friend, and i had a model to put on my blog… Which i toally forgot about 🤪


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